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YouTube – The hardest part is getting started!

I’ve been dreaming for a long time to make videos on YouTube. But there was always something getting in the way. Lack of time, bad weather, not having good gear or camera. How am I going to put it all together into something interesting?! And you know what turned out? All these problems were only in my head. I’m an introvert and I’m overthinking and that blocks me more than the hardware.

Just Do It!

One evening I prepared my GoPro Hero 9 black, straps and a camera with three lenses. I charged all the batteries and said to myself: now or never. The next day at work I managed to finish early near St. Paul in London and it was the best time to record my first POV. Convincing myself to talk to the webcam in a crowded street was difficult and I had to record several versions of the initial shot. However, as soon as I started taking pictures, I forgot about all the stress of recording and just did what I like.

YouTube gear
YouTube gear


The walk with the recording itself took me about an hour, while editing, converting and uploading to YouTube took over a day. I used the free OpenShot software because at the moment I don’t need anything else. And although the program is easy to use and very intuitive, learning from scratch and reviewing the entire material takes time. The second film from Paris went much smoother.

I’m a YouTuber

Not quite there yet, but I’m moving in that direction. At the moment there are two videos on the channel (April 2023) But already planning more. I also invested in two Rode microphones to improve the quality of the recorded sound. I hope that you will find on my chanel inspiration and interesting knowledge about photography and more. I invite you to subscribe!

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