About Me

What does Siema mean in Polish?

howdy, hi

Interjection. siema. (slang) hello, howdy, hi, hiya, yo synonyms ▲ Synonyms: cześć, elo, hej.


My name is Michał (Me How) and I’ve been interested in photography since I can remember. It started with my dad’s Zenith TTL and then I switched to Canon and Nikon systems over the years. I tried studio photography, fashion, real estate and for a long time portraits.

Trial and Error

after more than 30 years of trying and giving up with the hobby, I discovered that what really interests me is street photography.
Since 2019 I live in London, a city of endless inspirations. On this blog I discover the streets of London along with the secrets of street photography. In 2023 I also started a Youtube channel where I will be sharing POVs from my photowalks and my acquired knowledge about photography.


I also invite you to my instagram, where I am every day and you can talk to me and meet other igers via the hashtag #siemalondyn